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I am Louise Ma of Brooklyn, New York, Earth, Universe. Artist, designer, teacher and student. I post all of what I'm working on to Some of it is available for purchase in my shop.

My art-making practice is a game of colliding apparent contradictions. I am both of the two players of the game. I listen attentively, and respond to my partner's echoes.

I graduated from The Cooper Union School of Art in 2007. I've worked as an in-house digital/interactive designer on teams at and WNYC. As a freelancer I've collaborated with design studios like Kiss Me I'm Polish, Heavy Meta and OPEN. I co-founded the barter initiatives OurGoods and Trade School. This semester I'm a visiting design instructor at The New School's Journalism Design program.

Please, write me at about everything and nothing.


What Love Looks Like

What Love Looks Like What Love Looks Like What Love Looks Like What Love Looks Like

For Rich

Happy Birthday, Rich Watts

Drawings and books

A Brief Guide to Spinoza's Ethics Sounds Off Animal Drawings

Student work

Love Note Sleeping and Dreaming Henry Chinaski's Women and What They Meant to Him