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I left the San Francisco Bay Area for New York City in 2003 to study design, drawing and printmaking at The Cooper Union School of Art. After graduating in 2007 I worked for a year as a designer at, and then as a freelancer from 2008 to 2012. In 2009 and 2010 I co-founded the barter initiatives OurGoods and Trade School.

Now I'm the Interaction Designer on the Data News team at WNYC, and I'm an artist living and working in Brooklyn. I draw and write about love and energy at What Love Looks Like, and reblog on Tumblr as observe-accrue. My artwork is available for sale at my Etsy shop and Tictail shop.

I am available for hire to teach, speak, consult and converse on ideas related to relationships, healing, design thinking, visualization, the esoteric, mythology and social media. Please, get in touch with me.

What Love Looks Like

What Love Looks Like

Drawings and books

A Brief Guide to Spinoza's Ethics Sounds Off Animal Drawings

Old student work

Love Note Sleeping and Dreaming Henry Chinaski's Women and What They Meant to Him


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